Seat Belt Accessories

Extension Belt

The seat belt extension can be used in a large number of cars in both front and rear seats. Ideal for the larger occupant where the existing belt is not long enough and when installing a child seat or capsule. The Seat Belt Extension adds around 40cm to the belts overall length.

Fitting is easy as the belt simply clicks into the existing seat belt and buckle and fits most Australian assembled cars made from 1996 upto 2008. For vehicle compatibility please view the attached list.

K6629 Usage Guide

Seat Tether Straps

Commonly used on suspension seats, tether straps are used to ensure an operators seat cannot break away from the machine to which it is fitted.

Tether straps are available in a variety of set and adjustable lengths.

Compatible Fitting Brackets

Click this link to view Bracket Matrix (PDF)

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