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Foreign Affairs Magazine is optimistic about Australia's future and features APV.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The October 2018 edition of the Foreign Affairs magazine provides an optimistic view of Australia's future as we become increasing integrated into the globalised economy and supply chains. We are no longer an isolated island economy of sand, beaches and deserts - although living in Melbourne, I'm not sure that picture truly represents Australia anyway. On a GDP per capita basis we rank 5th in the world and international trade is our engine room for growth. More than ever we need to be Global in our thinking as an international trading nation and our businesses need to be integrated within Global Supply Chains. APV typifies this thinking with 50% of our revenue derived from exports and most of our customers are multinationals, so we have to think Globally in everything we do, but at the same time respect our traditional strengths and local capabilities.

APV is given a brief feature and is recognized as an Australian SME that has transformed itself to become internationally recognized and integrated within overseas supply chains - This is great recognition for us and demonstrates we are punching above our weight. It is somewhat surprising to me, how Foreign Affairs found us, but clearly it means our Brand has a strong presence and reputation (Noting my quote "you may not have heard about who APV is....").

Harry Hickling

Managing Director



                               FOREIGN AFFAIRS OCT 2018 EDITION.pdf                               

P.S. This edition has a focus on the debate about Nuclear Weapons. At APV we are passionate about your safety so this makes for interesting reading.