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APV Engineering & Testing Services hosts the Vehicle Safety Research Group during the Victorian Government Safety Announcement on 16 October 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Victorian Government Minister for Roads, Terry Mulder, today announced the results of a study into the effectiveness of side impact curtain airbags at the APV Tech Centre. Supporting the announcement were representatives from Vic Roads, Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) who participated in the study.
At the announcement, Mr Mulder said:
“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to improving safety for road users, including encouraging safer vehicle purchases and investigating the effectiveness of safety features “…
“Side impact vehicle crashes are common and harmful, accounting for 25 per cent of vehicle occupant casualties and 28 per cent of fatalities in Australia….
 “The analysis found a dramatic 51% reduction in injury to all body regions; a 61% reduction in injury to the head, neck, face and chest; and a 53% reduction in injury to the head, neck and face.”

Minister Terry Mulder at the APV Tech Centre, announces the importance of side impact curtain airbags.

In essence, this study highlights the important of safety features such as curtain airbags and how they can make a “real” difference to protect vehicle occupants in the event of a crash. This study also provides a strong argument for car buyers to include the selections of such safety features when researching their next purchase.

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About the APV Tech Centre…..
APV Engineering & Testing Services (APV Tech Centre), established in 2011 when acquired by the APV Group of companies (www.apvcorporation.com), has developed all of it specialised expertise and capabilities in Victoria (and Australia); and has transformed its presence in industry to be an independent test service provider.
The APV Tech Centre is fully Australian owned and operates from its home base in Campbellfield Victoria; and is expanding to meet the changing needs of Australian industry.

Tony Forster and Andrew Baldacchino from APV Tech Centre with Minister Terry Mulder

Today, the APV Tech Centre specialises in:

  • Mechanical, vibration & materials testing
  • Environmental & life cycle exposure
  • Crash & safety testing
  • Photography & high speed imaging
  • Instrumentation & high speed data acquisition
  • Providing specialist engineering services
The APV Tech Centre is a NATA (ISO17025) accredited mechanical and environmental test laboratory; and the only accredited test house in Australia to offer a full range of airbag, seatbelt, child restraints, dynamic sled and full vehicle crash testing all on one site.

Curtain Airbag deployment sequence using Phantom FLEX high speed camera @ 2500fps at the APV Tech Centre
Services are used for R&D, certification, production testing, as well as high speed camera and specialised field work to a wide range of industry, which include:
  • Automotive (OEM and aftermarket)
  • Defence
  • Aviation
  • Transportation seating
  • Component manufacturers
Included in this, is test and engineering support for APV Safety Products (www.apvsafetyproducts.com), which is the market leader in Australia for aftermarket seatbelt and industrial safety harnesses to both the domestic and international markets.
Having a strong history in the automotive safety arena, and being the only test facility of its kind in Victoria, the APV Tech Centre is supportive of all initiatives that work towards improving the safety for road users, vehicle occupants and the industrial workforce; and so are proud to host this Victorian Government announcement .
Andrew Baldacchino
General Manager
APV Engineering & Testing Services